This is why I’m pro-life: I was young (20), in love, and unexpectedly pregnant for the 1st time. The Choice was easy for me the 1st time. LIFE!.. Then, at 23, I had another unplanned pregnancy with the same man whom I thought was going to marry me. This time I was too scared to tell anyone, so I headed to the world’s leading abortion provider. As I was laying in that cold, emotionless room, it felt more like a tomb. The tech was doing the internal ultrasound, and asked if I had been ‘sick’. I said, “Yes, very”. She said that was odd since I was only about 5 wks along. Then she says, “Oh! I know why you’re so sick; there’s TWO in there”… The conviction of my heart told me immediately that I was in the WRONG place and silent tears poured down my cheeks. Her response, “What?? Does that make it worse??” I didn’t say another word until I got out of that wretched place. As soon as I did get out I ran right into a dear friend of mine and I ran sobbing into her arms.. She told me that I HAD to go home and tell my parents, and that everything was going to be OK… I did, but I had to write it down out of fear — fear of the unknown. Later that day as I was napping, my Dad put his hand on my arm and gently woke me up. He wrapped his arms around me, saying, “Everything’s going to be just fine”. It was a bumpy pregnancy, but not as bumpy as a lot of twin pregnancies. The boys were born at normal weights for singletons: Baby ‘A’ weighed 7lbs 10oz; Baby ‘B’ weighed 6lbs 14oz. As for the dad who was going to ‘marry’ me, well that didn’t happen. He abandoned us when I was still pregnant with the twins and has never helped out. My boys are now: 16, 13, 13. I ended up sharing my story with other women in my community/church and got a volunteer position working at a Life-Affirming Agency counseling women who experience unplanned pregnancies. I have had several women tell me that my story has played a major part in their decision to keep their baby. I give every bit of the glory to God. Every child is a gift from the Lord, and I don’t know who or where I’d be without these three beautiful boys that God has blessed me with!