Sadly, there was a time in my thoughts that was not totally prolife. If I was in danger of loosing my life while pregnant, raped or any other high risk issue, then I said that I would terminate the pregnancy. Thankfully my choice was changed because of a few events. Elizabeth Seton became a saint, my husband and I learned in our late twenties that we both were infertile and of the said 8 doctors we’d never become a family of children as well the “thoughts of those young pregnant girls who wanted to abort their child while they were detained began to make me rethink mine”. This all happened prior to 2004. Then one night while working at detention I was praying to the Father reading about all the infertile women who were blessed with babies. I wondered aloud, okay Father, I’d like that. I kid you not two months later I was pregnant with my first born son who is now 10 and deals with sensory issues/ADHD. As a side note I was an older mom and deemed high risk and each time the conversation spoke of “the options” and each time I declined. Thus, with my first I then became a stay at home mom and from that time on became pregnant with my next three sons who are now age 8 and twins that are 4. My second pregnancy had its share of concerns too a week before his delivery. Today he is all boy and without any other issues. The twins were born at 25 weeks and a day…1.8. and 1.6 ounces. At that time I’d never really seen babies that small outside the womb before. At that time I wasn’t sure how I felt about what my family would be enduring as well as the twins would be enduring while in the NICCU for the next three months. With each child we learned about miracles and we learned them again more so with the twins. Each day we were astounded at their size, the things that were happening to them and each time during a crisis how strong the presence of the Father was. It was then we also saw one reality of the twins fade into another. The time although hard was very amazing to say the least. Today I as sit here writing my story my 10 year old needed prompting to get dressed for school, my 8 year old needed to find change for the homeless project and the twins are watching Curious George take on the pirates. Yes, a lot has changed in our family. Thoughts about life from the moment of conception to natural death and it has made all the difference. Now this social worker by profession/stay at home mom, who never stays home, is always advocating for her sons (especially since the oldest and the twins deal with their special issues) and looking for ways to help her community along with my husband who has worked in the medical area/correctional area, and a knight of Columbus for the Catholic Church. Today we really know that .family is the most important from natural conception till death.That said, prayers will continue for those who deal with pregnancy issues, twins and for family that matters. Blessings to all. Diane Thacker