When I was much younger I was pro-choice. I felt that it was o.k. for a woman to have a “choice” but thought “I would never do such a thing.” Truly this was not acceptable being a Catholic. I now have 4 handsome sons, ages 24, 26, 33, and 35. They were gifts from God. In between the birth of my third and fourth I became pregnant. This was a very much wanted pregnancy and we were so excited. However, I lost the baby during my 4th month of pregnancy. When I went to the hospital, I was prepared for the worst. The doctor told my husband and I that I would be needing a theraputic abortion. Hearing these words set inside me such horror. Truly this was a wanted child, a love child, a gift from God. How could a doctor tell me that I was having a “theraputic abortion” I was truly offended when my name was written on a huge medical message board and it said “theraputic abortion” I was so upset that I demanded to see a priest. At that point my heart ached and grieved so much. I thought to myself, “I’m not having an abortion” and I prayed to God to forgive my transgression of believing in the pro-choice agenda. I could not imagine such pain and horror as I saw the word “Abortion” which I knew was a willful destruction of a human life. All life is precious to me but I didn’t think about the impact it would have on anyone else. How much I wanted this child and here is a doctor telling me that I am having an abortion. However painful this was for my husband and I, I truly came to understand through my pain and grief how precious life truly is and I had a total conversion of my heart. I will become a grandmother in March for the first time and my beloved daughter-In-law has encouraged me to pray the rosary and to pray at abortion clinics and to propagated the faith of all life being sacred. I am now so blessed for the conversion of my heart. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!