My mother protected my life from society’s death sentence. Her mother and her doctor pushed her to abort when abortion wasn’t even legal. In 1956, no one cared if a woman killed her rape conceived baby. Raped by eight men on a street corner in MO. She was not believed because she wanted me. There is a huge stigma on women and babies conceived after rape. But God creates every human in His image. It’s not the blood in my veins that determines whether I will do good or evil. It is my own free will.

I’m pro-life because GOD is pro-life. And because too many women are being abused AFTER rape pregnancy because society thinks no one could possibly want us. Society is wrong and I’m not only helping women shed the shame but I want society to know we are not rare and we are not unwanted.

And if God has a plan for a rape conceived child He has a plan for everyone. I founded specifically to restore honor and dignity back to the women and children of rape conception because they are abandoned and rejected. I’ve heard hundreds of stories that have torn my heart apart, and victories that make me jump for joy. I will dedicate my life because my hero mom saved mine! No child is unwanted.