I am pro-life all because of a phone call from my baby’s father the day before my appointment to get an abortion. I was 22 years old…not in school..no job..and living in a “home” situation where I wouldn’t dare bring a child into.

Plus, at the time, my boyfriend and I were not doing well to say the least. We had both suffered from addiction for years and when those two BRIGHT pink lines showed up all I could think about was I cant bring a baby into this mess of a life I have created! Needless to say we were both terrified and decided that the “easy” route was to just come up with the money for an abortion. The weeks leading up to that appointment I had the strongest conviction in my heart and whole body that this was not the right decision and I KNEW I would regret it with everything I had. One day, on a whim, I got up, packed my bags, and went home, where my parents gracefully let me come back after all I had done. I gathered the courage to tell my mom the news and she expressed her concern for my emotional health if I were to have the baby but also said it was my decision and she would support me. The day before my appointment came and all the sudden my boyfriend called me, in tears and said he couldn’t live without me and wanted this baby, and knew that I did too. In a matter of 7 months we COMPLETELY turned our lives around. Both have good jobs, both have completed a rehab program and are clean and healthier than we have been in years, and are living 2 hours away in a MUCH better environment to bring a precious baby into. We still have our daily struggles but we are due to have a HEALTHY baby boy in April and could not be happier. I wanted to share this story not only to show other moms that things can and will get better but also to show that there is life after addiction…in fact a BEAUTIFUL life and it is yours for the taking. Nobody can make that decision to get better but YOU.