We are pro-life for many reasons. God has given us the gift of life and we’re parents who received that wonderful gift as well. Our mothers gave us life and we’re able to breathe and live life to it’s fullest because of them.

We completely DISAGREE with abortion as a whole even in acts of rape or incest. We believe that a child shouldn’t be punished just because of circumstance. Adoption is a better option. We LOVE children and we love LIFE and we believe that every baby even before a heartbeat starts should be allowed to live and breathe just like we’re able. Children are our future. They’re beautiful in every way; disabled or not. Every child deserves that chance.

We gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Elijah on April 12th 2014 and he was born with cleft lip and palate. The doctors told me to abort him and when he found out I was too far along, he referred me to D.C. to get a late term abortion. It’s against our beliefs to abort any child through any circumstance. I didn’t care what he was going to look like or what I needed to go through. He was born a healthy 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long. He’s already had 2 corrective surgeries and that’s the hardest thing I have to deal with but the fact that I have my son through any disfigurements is a blessing and I couldn’t thank God enough for every day I get to spend with my darling son. Babies are a true gift from God.