I’m pro-life because I was conceived in 1961 by excited, soon-to-be married parents. That is, until results of the then required marriage blood test came back. A biological false-positive result stated my 20 year old mother had a venereal disease. She was stunned and assumed she had contacted the disease through a brief but emotionally devastating marriage when she was 16, during which time my brother was born. My biological father struggled with her emphatic statements of fidelity and there was great pressure for her to abort. He left her within months of the false test results when she tearfully refused. She just couldn’t destroy their baby.

Alone with a two year old little boy and nowhere else to go, she returned home to her parents who watched my brother as she went through weeks of penicillin injections. Eventually, she entered the Booth Maternity Group Home for Unwed Mothers in Los Angeles where I was born healthy and free of any diseases or affects from the treatments. A precious, sterile man delightedly found his “ready-made family” and married my mother when I was 6 months old. They were together almost 50 years before my “Daddy” died four years ago.

It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that we learned my mother had a rare blood disorder that affected blood tests like that one in 1961. We’ll never know how many babies were aborted because of false medical results or recommendations.

Although I lost my mother in a car accident in 2012, I can gratefully declare here, as I did to her so many times, “Thank you, Mom, for not aborting me!”
You should thank your mother, too.