I’ve always been pro-life, but it really hit home when we lost a grandchild because of abortion. We were so affected with real trauma and grief. Struck hard with the fact that it was possible to have a choice to take another person’s life, created in the image of God, we saw our son go through the stages of grief and despair. Healing was hard and every time, it came with destructive outbursts. Even through the pain, the door was open to reach the young lady with God’s love and forgiveness. The baby was given the name Caiden, to honor the short life that he lived. Ironically, his name means, “Companion” and “Valiant Fighter”. It took a whole year before we all felt that we could begin to breathe again. I’m a Christian singer/songwriter and it was at that time, when the grieving felt that it was falling away, that I wrote a song called “My Deliverer” and later, the pro-life song “This Miracle”. God has used our story to make an impact with different audiences and bring the subject to the forefront where it may not have been talked about before.

Today, our son has met a lovely young lady and they have a beautiful baby named Ryland, who has brought a lot more healing and joy to all or our lives. We never forget Caiden and wait to meet him one day in eternity.