I had my whole future planned out when I was 17: Graduate from high school, head off to college and, then, start a career. However, a decision I made in-the-moment was threatening those plans. I was pregnant, scared, and had no idea where to turn. I should have known what to do after growing up in the church, but when I think back I cannot remember a specific time when I heard that life was a beautiful gift from the Lord. So, I turned to my friends for advice. The solution they offered was for me to erase the problem and have an abortion. They made it sound so easy and painless. I decided to talk to one last person. This friend sat me down and shared her experience from the abortion she had when she was 16. She described her pain, shame, guilt and regret like it was yesterday. She said to me that day, “If anything good ever comes from what I did, it will be that you choose life for your baby. I don’t want you to go through what I went through.”

My friend’s story changed my mind, and I chose life for my son that day. This is the day I became pro-life and realized that each life is an awesome gift. Now, I work every day to make sure that same “good” that was passed on to me will help others see and hear the truth so more babies will be protected from abortion. I want to make sure abortion ends in my lifetime!