I am pro-life not just because of my God as others have often mentioned but because I chose not to be a murderer of innocence. That tiny thump thump you hear on that first ultrasound is more than a muscle in a embryo it’s a soul in a body. Being pro-life is believing that all humans — little or small — have rights and it’s not our right as “bigger” people to choose if they should live or not. It’s like we bully something smaller than us because we can, but we weep if a puppy dies. What makes an animals life more valuable than a human beings? I guess it’s because some don’t think they have to take responsibility for that puppy, but for that baby, there are millions that would take it in someone else’s place. I am pro-life because I believe it is more than just the womb — we want our babies healthy and to live through, but its through out life so to any mom to be thinking about giving up their little one to abortion, I pray that they don’t. At least give the baby a chance and think about a adoption. Life is a gift and God didn’t choose to give up on you so don’t give up on that little one.