I’m pro-life because I’m a Christian & believe that a child should not pay for the sins of the parents. 15 years ago I was 16, a Junior in a Catholic High School & faced with the “choice” of abortion or coming clean to my parents. Her dad and I were both scared about our futures, what our parents would say, how we would support a child. But I chose life — drove straight from the clinic, two hours, to where my mom was working and came clean. That was the best decision I could ever have made, and I couldn’t imagine not having my Issy Bear (Alyssa) in this world. She’s my best friend, beautiful, smart, musically talented, and a gifted softball player. What would this world be without her beautiful smile? I couldn’t fathom. She is a gift from God and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I wonder how many kids would be running around, happy like her, if their mom had decided on life? Alyssa’s dad passed away when she was 5 (10 years ago this September 30th) & she is the only child he had, so her life has helped his parents cope with their loss. When you’re faced with a difficult decision, you don’t think too far into the future about the positive effects your child will have on everything, you only focus on the negative at the time. I still graduated high school and went through college, married a wonderful man, and I’m happy to report that Alyssa is now the oldest of my 3 children and they are ALL a blessing, each one in their own unique way. It’s not a choice, it’s a child — waiting to make their mark on this world.