We never thought it would happen to us; we were so sure that the Lord would never let anything like that happen. One day after many cramps and some spotting we went to the ER and found that our unborn child had died at 6 weeks.
We thought she was 12 weeks. As the Doctor walked away we sat there speachless and hearbroken. We never thought we would be able to handle something like that, let alone be able to move on from it. Our comfort comes from Jesus and in our hardest time he was there to keep us through it. This doesn’t mean we were miraculously able to move on but it means we were able to heal and keep this baby in our minds without crying every time we think about her. We named her (we believe it was a girl) Eliana Grace. We have always been pro-life but losing an unborn child ourselves just made us even more-so. Our two year-old son is our pride and joy and there’s no other kid more perfect for us than him and we couldn’t imagine life without him, even if he tests us sometimes. What is life without a challenge? What is life without children? December 2014 we began trying again and lo and behold, we’re expecting! So far the baby is 14 weeks along, healthy and doing great, thank you Jesus! The world would not be the same without children and our world will never be the same because of our son, our unborn daughter Eliana Grace who is with her Heavenly Father, and our bundle of joy on the way. Pray for the women who are in tough situations because that baby deserves a chance at life. And that woman deserves the chance to have her life changed by a child.