I’m pro-life because almost 60 years ago, my birthmother was raped. She was engaged to be married when this happened. Although her fiance said he would raise me as his own, my birthmother had doubts that I would actually be accepted and that I would feel the stigma of the rape conceived. She decided to put me up for adoption. I was raised by wonderful parents and am so grateful to them for instilling the morals and integrity that I have today. When I was 34, I found my birthmother and that is when she told me about my birthfather being a rapist. I was stunned and asked her how she could STAND being pregnant with that rapist’s baby. She said she loved me from the first, and couldn’t imagine aborting me. She said that would be like being raped twice because one violent act can’t erase another, it would only extinguish the only light she had — me! She was glad we met because it brought her such peace. I’m so grateful for my life — I’m one of the most grateful people you will ever meet. And gratitude produces joy. Since meeting my birthmother 25 years ago, I have gotten very active in the pro-life movement, being the voice for the voiceless and and advocate for the rape conceived. Life is precious, no matter HOW conceived.