The first time I learned what abortion really was, I was in ninth or tenth grade. I was reading one of my grandfather’s political books, and as an aside, it described abortion as “ripping a child limb from limb” (or something thereabouts). I remember walking around in a daze for the rest of the night, feeling like I was going to throw up. I’ve always loved children, and the thought of any person — because, like most young people, I knew at my core that ANY human was a person — being intentionally harmed made my innards boil. My initial horror grew into disgusted curiosity, and after a great deal of research, which confirmed my initial reaction as being on-target, it developed into outrage. I entered the pro-life movement in earnest, and I’ve made it my life mission to embrace ALL life, from conception to natural death. I went through an intense period of depression, during which I was frequently suicidal. What kept me going many days was my fight for the life of the unborn as well as other people like me who wondered many days if their life was valuable. As an autistic person, I also have a vested interest in advocating for people with disabilities. I love working with children with special needs. I’m a 21 year old American woman. In many ways, I what many would consider a “typical” pro-lifer — I’m young, a Christian, and politically conservative. But my beliefs are based in science, not necessarily religion (although I do believe that God creates each human person to live and be loved, NO MATTER WHAT) or politics. Keep fighting the good fight, my fellow pro-lifers!