I am pro-life because deep in my soul I know the killing of ANY life is wrong. It’s a feeling, not something that I was taught. I also have seen first hand the devastating lasting emotional effects abortion has on people, men and women, years after as well as I have seen many special needs children born to women who have had abortions then chose to have a child when it fits their schedule. However, I do not see things the same way most pro-life people do. I feel contraception should be taught and contraceptives should be available to ALL young people. It’s a fact that telling people not to have sex doesn’t work, if it did there would be far fewer Catholics in the world. I have no problem with stopping the sperm and egg from uniting. So, barrier forms of contraception as well as the pill and deproporvera, etc. are acceptable. Preventing the pregnancy is the key. Unload the gun. Then there is no decision that has to made to abort. But, in order for that to happen, we have to take conservative, republican, religious, ideas out of the equation. Sex is a wonderful and natural part of our lives and so is the creation of that life, Life is sexually transmitted. The abortion issue will not change until real contraception is taught to young girls and boys starting by the age 12 and making available these contraceptives without shame and stigma. I’m sure if all of you look back in your past and you are truthful with yourself, 98% of you had premarital sex without using any form of contraception. So the word you are preaching to young people you were not practicing. Life without sex for a healthy functioning human being is not normal, responsible sex is not wrong between 2 consenting people.